Okay, So a few days ago my iphone 3gs's battery ran all the way down and when i plugged it back in to charge it wasn't showing any screen at all. I managed to get my phone back on and running. So I thought that i would erase apps and such... by the way it's a jailbroken iphone through blackrain.. and i may have deleted something important... so i got the bright idea to erase iphone and contents without doing any research first. Now my Iphone is stuck on the apple with the spinning wheel of death. I can get it to go into recovery mode but I can't restore. I have read a lot of posts and I have tried some of them to no avail. I have downloaded pwnagetools but don't know how to use it. I don't think i shshed or pressed the button to make my life easier. I tried the youtube Restore iPhone 3GS with firmware 3.0 (Saurik Signature Server) and it wont work. when i go to the terminal and move to the hosts there isn't anything on the page. I don't understand what to do and most instructions are not clear enough for me to follow. Is there any way someone can help me? I feel so alone and dumb.