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Thread: 3GS - I just want it to work

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    Default 3GS - I just want it to work

    To make this short and simple (since I'm just sick and tierd at this point), here is a brief run down:

    - Friend buys 3GS off another friend. Was using blackra1n all this time to use his phone (assuming this was iOS 3.1.2).
    - Somehow, blackra1n JB stops working for him. Hands phone over to me since I'm good with computers (***k sakes!). This is in March
    - Not knowing much about 3GS JB/Unlocking (I own 2G), I try mucking around without success. I end up upgrading to 3.1.3 via iTunes.
    - After upgrade and reading up on forums, all I can say is "big mistake!"
    - A few months pass by, I am noticing new techniques to get 3GS JB but requires Cydia ' make my life easier ' to be pushed. Found out the hard way this did not happen. Other guides require activation, which the phone is not (no original SIM, etc)
    - Currently, 3GS stuck in 3.1.3 with 05.12 modem firmware. I am noticing iOS 4 JB coming out but does not look like it's perfected yet.

    Here is what I want: I just want the phone to work. Don't care about fancy features, all I want is to put SIM in and make calls. I tried to force a downgrade with original 3.1.2 firmware but I get the 1604 error on iTunes (either on my MBP via OS X, bootcamp Windows XP, or my Intel Atom netbook on Windows 7). After changing the HOSTS entry for the A record: , I get the iPhone is not recognizable via Apple or something like that (basically the ' Cydia "make my life easier" button was not pushed ' error).

    What are my options? Again, all I want is for this to work. My assumption is that once I get the 3GS JB, I can go via Cydia to get it unlocked afterwards (at least thats how I read it?)

    Let me know what I can do .. or can't do (which I think is the likely course).

    Many thanks!

    Did some further reading, looks like there is nothing I can do at this point. I suppose my hope is to see what iOS 4 JB can do.
    Was hoping to create an SHSH from scratch for the 3GS, but that idea is hopeless.

    ** places 3GS on desk for it to collect dust **
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