i know this question has prob been asked so if you all could spare me your message board god complex replies, i'm just need a simple question answered. if it's not warranted of an answer, just don't reply.

anyway, my situation:

3GS ran on 3.1.2 and did the JB w/ spirit. everything worked well. so i wanted to wipe the phone clean. i selected from settings to reset all settings. it gets stuck on the apple logo and spinning wheel-freeze-up. so nowhere to go but up from here. i research that the iOS 4 GM can be jailbroken, and so i go for that methid. installed the 4.0 GM seed onto a 3GS and understood the GM seed can be jailbroken. i've spent at least 3 hrs of research on redmondpie and various other sites that do give you the runaround. used sn0wbreeze and various other methods to try.

i see the mac instructions for the 4.0 GM seed. but where, if any, are there instructions for WINDOWS to jailbreak the 4.0 GM seed?????

i do thank you very, very much in advance