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Thread: iPhone 4 Jailbreak - Will it work ?

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    Default iPhone 4 Jailbreak - Will it work ?
    Hello all,

    Just an idea here:
    Since new iPhone 4 use the same firmware as 3G/3GS - version 4 (8A293 .ipsw) will it be possible for example to take original .ipsw file of this version (from iTunes folder for example) and custom modify it using Pwnage 4 tool. After that just put iPhone 4 in restore mode and manually restore via itunes using this modified .ipsw file ?

    Did anyone tried it already ? Is it worth to try or this may brick the iPhone 4 ?

    Thank you,

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    Won't hurt but to try, but I would just be patient until an official JB is out.

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    Default In short no.
    Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.

    The ISPW that is supplied for the iPhone for is not included for the PWNGETOOLS package. If you look up how to jailbreak the iOS 4 GM, you will notice that the package for the 3G/3GS, actually had to be added manually to the PWNGETOOLS 3.1.5. However this is just the payload system that we are looking at. The delivery system that originally worked for the iPhone 3G/3GS utilized a flaw in the OS that was programed on the boot chip sector, however if you remember Apple released a new boot ROM on the new iPhone 3GS that patched the vulnerability to inject a payload onto the system. Thus the idea of a "tethered jailbreak" was created. In this sense the payload changed the actual OS, the boot ROM told the phone to go to the activation settings aka boot loop. This could be fixed by changing the ENVVAR of auto-boot to true. Which is utilliezed by GEOHOTZ Blackra1n. IF YOU EVER GET STUCK IN A LOOP OR GET A 1015 TRY MAKING IT RA1N!!! Now COMEX took this a step further and modified the payload to make this always true, creating an Untethered Jailbreak, so when 3.1.3 came out we had SPIRT. This relied on a security hole (in the SMS ? if I remember correctly) to inject the payload. The problem with iOS 4 comes in where to inject the payload. The boot ROM that is flawed in the old iPhone, is being utilized by PWNGETOOLS 4.0.1, however this cannot be used for new 3GS and 4. NOW, Geohotz has found a new boot ROM? venerability, that allows for them to be "pwned4life." However, it has not been released, and is speculated to be his new project limera1n. Now on his twitter he has said he doesn't plan to release it, at least not him self. Some of the Dev Team have said that they think that he will release something, and if he does that means the exiting boot ROMS will all be vunerable, meaning that the payloads can forever be injected.

    Will Geohotz release his "pwned4life"? Will the Dev Team find it too? Who will be first? When will it be? These are all questions we will find out about in the next week or two.

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    p0sixninja has said he found an exploit and he believes it the same as geos pwned4life. Comex has also stated that he has an exploit but has not worked on it. I'm sure the devteam is on this right now and a jailbreak for new bootrom and iPhone 4 will be released very soon.

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    Wow, maybe you should join the Dev Team in finding an exploit..LOL

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