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Thread: People mind helping me understand?

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    Default People mind helping me understand?
    Hi, I've been looking around this forum and realised that alot of you guys/gals are decent folk that are happy to help!

    I was just hoping I could ask a few questions about the whole JB thing. (I've tried googleing, but it's just a sea of information to have to sort through to get the answer) I'll probably think of more questions as this thread goes on so I hope people don't mind. Gotta learn somewhere right?

    Firstly, I've got a 3GS on a new bootrom (as I jb'd with Spirit I bleieve this is this case) now running OS 4.0. Modem firmware is 05.13.04 (Baseband right?)

    What's the difference between the Bootrom and the baseband and how does this effect whether or not the phone can be Jailbroken or not?

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    Baseband is what your phone uses for calls and wait not. Its for unlocks not jailbreaking so if you have an official carriet its not important. Bootrom im guessing is used for turning on the device and what not. It determines if your device will be tethered or not and also if you can run custom firmwares. A new bootrom jailbreak for 4.0 will be released anytime now seeing the iphone 4 is offically out.

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    Ah right! That helps, thanks!

    Also, carrier updates, what do they change? I'm guessing that it will be to do with basebands not bootroms?

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    Yes basebands. Usually modem updates

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    Basebands - Cheers! Makes perfect sense. So a baseband won't effect if you can jailbreak or not, just whether you can unlock or not!?

    Bootroms - So when you tether jailbreak, I guess the program you're using is forcing a different bootrom, thus if you switch off/back on you need to force it to run that bootrom again instead of the one on the phone.

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