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Thread: 3G on iOS4 jailbreak/unlock

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    Default 3G on iOS4 jailbreak/unlock
    Hi everyone,

    I got my iPhone 4 today. So I want to know if I can jailbreak and/or unlock my 3G. I've searched and just saw some confusing stuff. Just looking for a definite answer, if yes looking on how to do it. Thanks in advance!

    Dont know if this has been asked before (didnt come upin search) but if it did.....Sorry!

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    You can. It's on the front page of the iPhone news page. | Jailbreak your iPod touches and iPhones

    That should handle it.

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    thank you so much!!

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    No problem.

    Did you have success??

    If you end up not being able to use mms and group messaging isn't an option, do a restore and set up the phone as a new phone. That fixes the error.

    edit: I also went with redsn0w... so if you have errors with sn0wstorm, try it instead. The program makes the changes to the iPhone, and doesn't require you to do a restore by selecting your own .ipsw.
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    doing it as we speak.

    the phone doesnt have service anymore. Is there anyway to check that? I'm selling the phone on ebay.

    ok, Im stuck, lol! I did the steps for DFU mode and when I click start and it repeats the process. Whats next?
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    Settings --> Messaging... make sure that MMS and Group are available selections. I'm sure an update will come out to fix things... but it's annoying at the moment.

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