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Thread: iPhone iOS4 3GS Untethered jailbreak for Non-Spirit JB, but MC137LL model? Possible?

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    Default iPhone iOS4 3GS Untethered jailbreak for Non-Spirit JB, but MC137LL model? Possible?
    Hey quick question

    I currently have a tethered jailbreak (3.12) using blackra1n. I did it back last December and haven't updated since.

    Can I update to iOS4 and jailbreak it? If so, will it still be tethered? I haven't been able to turn off my phone since December and it's annoying when things freeze up.

    I heard that spirit users cant jailbreak, but I never used spirit. Do I still classify as not being able to jailbreak?

    Type: iPhone 3GS 3.12
    Model: MC137LL
    Serial: My serial is xx946xxxxxx
    Jailbreak: blackra1n done back in December

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    There is not a jailbreak available yet for the new bootrom 3GS for iOS 4. The best you could do at this point would be to restore to 3.1.3 (if you have your SHSH saved) and have an untethered jailbreak with Spirit. Hopefully the jailbreak for the iPhone 4 will also jailbreak then 3GS new bootrom.

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    ah ok Poseidon. So even though I didn't use Spirit, judging from my model MCxxx, I have the 'new' bootrom, even though there's newer bootrom out, right?

    And when you say hopefully the jailbreak for the iPhone 4 will also jailbreak new bootroms, you're talking about geohot's release that hasn't come out yet, right? not PwnageTool's? (duh)


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    can someone clarify this for me?

    does spirit actually have anything to do with it? or are they just referring to people that used spirit to become untethered.

    i got my phone in december. ran blackra1n.. used it for several months, screwed it up doing a "reset network settings".

    i restored to 3.1.2 and used spirit on it so i wouldn't be tethered anymore.

    but right now, if i restore to 3.1.2 again, i will have a stock iphone with no remnants of spirit on it, am i wrong here?
    so does spirit have anything to do with it?
    or is it just a way to saying newer bootrom?

    to the OP
    i say that you should just back up your shsh to cydia
    sync all of your data
    put your phone into DFU mode
    then while in DFU also use umbrella, and autoshsh to backup your shsh locally to your computer, maybe cydia will start charging people to restore or lose them or something
    then restore back to 3.1.2 again, and run spirit

    or, just leave it alone and get pissed off every time you have to restart your phone and see geohot on your screen while you are re-jailbreaking your phone.

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    If u have the new bootrom u can't because I believe the new bootrom doesn't allow u to install custom ipsw formwares I believe.

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