I have an iPhone 3GS I got back in December. I have 3.1.2 and jailbroke it with blackra1n. Last night around midnight I decided to update packages with Rock Your Phone -- there were about 8 to be updated. I can't remember all of them (one was backgrounder, the others were small). I do remember that the last one it updated was MobileSubstrate. While it was installing, the whole phone froze up. The time stopped changing and it was not responding to anything. I left it for about 10 minutes to be sure.

I decided to turn it off the only way I could (hold power button and home button at the same time).

I turned the phone on, and the apple + USB cable screen appeared. I have seen this many times with blackra1n. I then proceeded to rejailbreak it with blackra1n. When I clicked 'make it rain', it showed me geohot's face on the phone. The application on the computer popped up with the standard "if this was the fastest jailbreak...etc etc." However, my phone then turned off. It didn't restart, it just simply turned off. I waited a few minutes to be sure, and then turned it back on. Same issue.

I have tried it over and over without any success. I have tried restoring with iTunes (at this point all I want is a phone again). The message that iTunes had referred to error 94 (This device isnít eligible for the requested build.).

Any ideas?