Well I never thought I would be saying this but I think I have actually bricked my iPhone.
I have been runnin the earlier released GM version and jail broke with redsn0w and all was fine until I downloaded iBooks and couldn't get it to work.
Tried several times and decided it was because of the version and the jailbreak and so downloaded the Apple release of iOS4 and attempted restore from that.

Thats where the trounble really started and now after 4 attempts and still now stuck in Apple logo loop and wont restore or reboot,

I hate to admit it but it appears to have beaten me this time and I need some help. I have looked into iRecovery but I don't know that will work because I have had to force quit during the process of restore 3 times now and maybe the phone has no OS in it ...

Any one got any ideas or know how I can fix this ?