Soooooooo, I might be eating my words as I am thinking about MAYBE MAYBE updating to the iOS 4 on my 3GS and I said I wasnt going to upgrade. I have not been too impressed on the the new bells and whistles that have been discussed BUT....I might be swayed if there is RAM/Memory doesn't suck the life out of a 3GS.

Can some people share what their STATIC RAM remaining says on their 3GS using iOS 4.0 based on SB Settings or any other RAM usage/not being used identifier. For example. I run consistently from 190MB to 205 MB STATIC based on SB settings reading.

I do understand that its very challenging to compare Apples to Apples, (no pun intended), as everyone runs a little heavy, a little light on thier phones, JB used etc etc.

I would like to hear some feedback. Please only be a user of a 3GS on iOS4 if responding.