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Thread: Erasing all contacts info, personal info but keeping Jailbreak

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    Default Erasing all contacts info, personal info but keeping Jailbreak
    Sup fellas,

    I'm selling my 3GS on ebay as a jail broken phone.
    Last night I took out the sim and realized that everything stays the same, minus the fact that you are unable to place calls and/or surf the net.

    My question is as follows...

    I need to erase all my contacts, texts messages, and purchased apps from the phone. However I do not want to remove the jailbreak and the apps I have purchased from cydia. My ad on ebay mentions having the Elite Theme for example.

    Is there a way to wipe out all my personal info, songs, apps and preserve the jail break? I think I recall in the past restoring my phone and the jailbreak still being on... Or do I manually have to delete all my contacts, apps, texts, songs...

    I know when the future buyer plugs the phone into itunes, for him to be able to synch his songs onto the phone, he will need to restore the phone so it recognizes his i-tunes...

    Basically I just dont want to sell the phone jailbroken, but after them hooking it up to their itunes, to have all the jailbroken apps erased along with the apps I purchased from cydia.

    thx for the input guys!


    any thoughts fellas?
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    Whatever you do DO NOT select reset factory settings, it bricked my 3GS 3.1

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    Couldn't you just unsync all of your music, apps and contacts? That seems to me would be the easiest way. Then go through it and delete all the txt messages and anything else saved in the phone.

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    yeah i think in the end, i'll just manually delete everything... I'll make sure not to tell the person to restore the phone, as it should allow him to synch his songs with the phone without having to restore it. thanks fellas

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