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Thread: Computer destroyed, how do I sync now?

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    Default Computer destroyed, how do I sync now?
    My computer got some serious viruses and I had to reformat.
    Whats the easiest way to sync my iphone back to a new computer?

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    Plug phone in, open iTunes, right-click device in left module, select "transfer purchases" and allow the phone to sync the apps into iTunes.

    Unfortunately, I am not sure if that will wipe out your contacts and whatnot. Be sure on the new computer to at least sign in to it with your account (email and password for App Store) in iTunes.

    I can't be too sure, the only thing I can be sure of is that your apps after the "transfer purchases" option is done will remain on your phone. It should be fine to just sync thereafter but I don't wanna screw your stuff up.

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    What will happen when I plug it in. Is itunes gonna wipe it clean?
    I have all the app files backed up, what i'm interested in is whats going to happen to the data tied to the apps such as saved game states. I am also interested in the general system files that get saved in a backup as my backups are not backed up. I want to connect it and do a new backup.

    help plz

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    as long as you had it set to not replace the address book contacts, note, ect... then you should be able to back it up to the new comp.

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    but what about the application data. will that sync over?

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    app data will transfer with backup.

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