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Thread: Mistake going to 4.0? Anyway back?

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    Default Mistake going to 4.0? Anyway back?
    I need to admit that I am relatively new when it comes to a lot of this stuff. I got excited when the 4.0 gm came out yesterday and decided to download the itunes beta and upgrade my 3g from 3.1.2 to 4.0. My baseband is now 5.13.04. Now I have made the decision that I likely am going to switch carriers and am looking to sell my iphone on ebay where it looks like you can still get a good amount of money for them. What I am wondering is, can I get the phone back to 3.1.2 and unlock it which seems to fetch a higher price or am I stuck ?

    Thank you for any advice

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    If you saved your shsh blobs on cydia then yea u can go Back and downgrade if you didn't or have no idea what I'm talking about then chances are you didn't and your screwed. Maybe u can downgrade back to 3.1.3 but still won't be able to unlock it.

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    your unlock is gone

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    Sounds to me like you f'd yourself out of a good deal of money dude. Sorry.

    That iPhone is next to worthless without the ability to unlock.
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    Damn thats was I was worried about, stupid on my part, I guess I'll have to wait until the 4.0 unlock comes out, Hopefully prices won't drop significantly in the next three weeks

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    In my area on craigslist the median price of the 3GS iphones were about $450 for a 16gb and $500-550 for a 32gb......after June 7th craigslist is now flooded with listing for the 3GS iphone going for as low as $230 for a 16gb 3GS and $275-300 for a 32gb 3GS.

    But the crazy thing is people are still trying to sell the 3G for like $300-400 for a 16gb 3G. But I would wager that those people are having a helluva time selling their 3G phones since the 3GS ones are the same price

    You might be SOL regardless if you can get your unlock back or not...just my 2 cents
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