I may be the exception proving the rule that Spirit is idiot-proof. I seem to keep having issues and hope someone can direct me to a lasting solution. Short version is that if I try to sync my iphone w/ my Macbook (OSX 10.6.3) after Sprit JB, iphoto comes up and sees the device, but itunes (9.1.1) doesn't open. If opened manually, it doesn't see my device so I can't sync.

If I re-install itunes, I can sync again... Once. Then, once again, itunes doesn't see the device.

I jb'd for the first time about a month ago. Everything went fine, synced several times, loved the apps but I was curious to see that a restore would work, just in case it ever needed to go back to the mother-ship for a repair. Should have learned how to do this properly, but my enthusiasm outpaced my reason.

I reset (from settings) and figured I'd restore and start over. I had some apps in Categories files and didn't remove them when I reset. When the iphone restarted after restore, all of those apps (including my preference settings) were gone. I am sure "gone" is an overstatement, I just didn't know where to find them.

I googled for hours, then figured I would restore in DFU. My trusty little MacBook couldn't seem to finish the restore and would get hung up at the end. Finally, I found I could restore on a PC. Hauled the MacBook and newly virginized iphone to the Apple Store where they said the drive needed to be replaced. Saved everything a on a hard-drive, paid them $250, and got it back the next day.

Got home and itunes couldn't find my (restored, non jb'd) iphone. Tried reinstalling itunes, nada. Finally, a Apple Store employee walked me through removing parts of itunes, then reinstalling, which worked like a charm. No problems until last night.

Pissed about AT&T and the tether fee, I rebelled by Jailbreaking my phone again and installing MyFi and My3G. After a moment of tethering triumph, I tried to sync my iphone to get a movie off itunes... Nope. Itunes, once again doesn't see my device. Re-installed itunes and synced, thinking everything was now groovy, but today I found that itunes once again doesn't see the iphone.

Short of reinstalling itunes over and over, is there anything I can do? The problem seems to be a conflict b/t something in itunes and the jailbreak. The only apps I downloaded in round #2 were Cydia, Rock, MyFi, My3G.

I probably didn't know enough to me hacking my phone. Please be kind-- I may be your mother.