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Thread: A few issues regarding my blackra1n'd 3GS and upgrading iTunes to 9.1.1...

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    Question A few issues regarding my blackra1n'd 3GS and upgrading iTunes to 9.1.1...
    Hi all,

    First time poster, long time reader. I've always managed to find solutions on this board however not today so I decided to sign up finally.

    Here we go. So I discovered the 'Wi-Fi Sync' application just recently, purchased it and have just downloaded the newly available Windows client so that I should now be able to sync my iPhone with iTunes over my Wi-Fi network

    However the Windows client required me to update my iTunes to version 9 (even though I already have version 9, but I guess my version was one of the early version 9 releases and wasn't compatible).

    So before upgrading to 9.1.1, I did the right thing and searched weather my blackra1n 3.1.2 on my 3GS would be safe if I upgraded to 9.1.1. This is when I discovered iFixer. Now this is my first question:

    1) Do I need to run iFixer since my iPhone is ALREADY jb'd with blackra1n? Or is iFixer only for people that have 9.1.1 already installed and have not yet jailbroken, but would like to and don't want the associated errors with jailbreaking on 9.1.1?

    2) And if I do run iFixer, does this mean I have to jailbreak my phone again?

    Anyhoo, I went ahead and downloaded iTunes 9.1.1 and installed. Now I can't seem to get into my iPhone folders when accessing through my iPhone through iPhone Folders (iPhoneBrowser seems to work though), however sync'ing when I plug the phone in by USB seems to work fine through iTunes still.

    And the error I get when trying to use iPhone Folders:

    "Can't load iTunesMobileDevice.dll. Please, reinstall iTunes. Error 126". So I repaired the installation to no avail.

    So my second question:

    3) Do I now need to run iFixer?

    4) Is the above error one of the apparent errors associated with this 9.1.1 upgrade with blackra1n, or is this error unique to my situation?

    5) A bit left of topic - how do I backup my device in the new iTunes 9.1.1? There doesn't seem to be the option to Backup when I right-click my device in iTunes...

    I hope this all makes sense.

    By the way I have not yet used Wi-Fi Sync, I would like to clear up my iTunes issues first before I jump into all that.

    Thanks for any help, I greatly appreciate the support provided by ModMyI - you have all been very helpful when I wasn't even a member and you didn't even know it.
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