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Thread: iPhone 4 - Jailbreak - AT&T Suspending Service

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    Default iPhone 4 - Jailbreak - AT&T Suspending Service
    I just wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone else had heard anything like this.
    I have a friend who is an app developer and has been working with 4.0 for some time now. He told me that AT&T will be able to detect if the file system is unlocked and will suspend service to any phones it detects.
    I personally don't see how this is possible so I'm taking what my friend said with a grain of salt.

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    It doesn't make much sense. If the phone was unlocked, it would be to use it on a different carrier, so it wouldn't matter if ATT suspended the service.

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    I was referring to the "file system" being unlocked via jailbreak to install cydia apps, etc.

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    If you jailbreak your 4.0, Apple with send a Sasquatch after you, and AT&T will send the Chupacabra after you.

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    LOL. That could be cool! Then I could take hd vid with my iPhone 4 of both Sassy and Chuppy and sell it to the highest bidder!

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    i highly doubt that att will suspend service for having a jailbroken phone.

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    I agree. I just wanted to throw it out there and see if anyone else had heard anything similar.

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    AT&T cannot possibly know if you have accessed root on your phone. Apple can, but AT&T won't even suspend my service now an they know I am jailbroken because a couple of their employees had me jailbreak their phones for them.

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    Default Att sucks
    meh, go ahead and suspend my service. ATT is too dumb to know if your phone unlocked or jailbreak. They can't even tell that I'm tether. Too dumb for everything except overcharging my account.

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    Steve Job's asked me to jailbreak his Iphone too, not just ONE but ATLEAST THREE....LOL..

    AT&T is definitely not going to suspend your service as the carrier is not selling apps, it is Apple that is selling apps.

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