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Thread: Sim not supported when it should be! 3GS

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    Default Sim not supported when it should be! 3GS
    Hi All

    I've been searching for the last couple of days to try and findout how to resolve this problem but I've had no luck.

    If this is a repeat problem that could be easily fixed can you point me in the right direction, Thanks

    Anyway to the problem.

    Basically the story is I jailbroke my o2 contract UK 3GS 3.1.3 using Spirit which worked fine. However the mute switch started to play up, so I dicided to restore back to the stock firmware, so I could take it to apple for them to have a look at it. It restored without any problems but when it tried to activate I got the following message.

    "The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported"

    And like I said early it's a o2 contract.

    I've been playing about with alot of tools to try and get it to activate but I've been getting no where.

    So any help would be greatly appreciated.



    P.S If this makes any difference is was a refurb from the Apple store cause my first one from o2 died....

    Dont know if this will help but anyway

    f0recast results

    Baseband 05.12.01
    Bootloader 6.4
    Model MC133
    Jailbreakable Only if SHSH is saved
    Unlockable NO(In red)
    Tethered NO(In Green)

    Thanks again
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    Hi poor friend. You have 3Gs new boot rom. Not unlockable so far. There are two options:

    1. If the contract is still valid you put your O2 sim to activate the phone while it is connected to iTunes. Afterwards you use again Spirit to jailbreak it.
    2. If you want to unlock with different carrier, you go to O2, break the contract ( you will pay some penalties! ) and request for official unlocking. O2 will contact Apple Store that they release you from the contract. After about 2-3 hours you can connect your phone with any sim for any carrier and iTunes will activate it. After again the same procedure with spirit.

    PS. After you have abilities to activate the phone, you can upgrade to OS4GM called also iOS. But if you upgrade, your baseband will upgrade to 05.13.01. Then you can't jailbreak any more as far as dev-team release tool for that. But if you decide any upgrade, make you sure that you have saved your SHSH file to sydia server in order to have abilities to downgrade in case :-) Good luck.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I'm replying to this on a refurbed 3GS. The original reason I wanted to restore it was to get apple to have a look to repair/replace my old 3GS because the mute switch was playing up. Any I tried a Orange sim in the phone and it worked and activated!!! How and why I don't know. It was originally on o2 and Im still on o2..... Anyway they replaced it as it was still in warrenty.

    Happy days

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