Hey guys,

I've got an jailbroken iphone 2G and it worked perfectly for a year but recently it stopped connecting to any computer at all. What i mean with no connecting is that it doesnt show up in my computer as a unindentified device but it just seem like there is nothing plugged in. But strangly i can charge it from the wall.

I've tried 3 different usb cables all from apple products. They work with all the other ipods and iphones we have.
Any other apple devices works perfectly on my pc but my iphone 2g doesn't connect to any pc at all. I also have reinstalled itunes and quicktime a dozen of times but it doesn't work. I even reinstalled windows but nothing seems to do the trick.

I really have no idea what to try next so I hoped that any of you guys might now what is wrong and what i can do to fix this annoying problem.

Thanks in advance,