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Thread: Jailbreaking 4.0 Using Spirit

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    Default Jailbreaking 4.0 Using Spirit
    Comex recently released the code for Spirit to run on Linux, and in doing so released bits and pieces of the source code.

    igor/map.plist at master from posixninja's spirit-linux - GitHub

    Posted here is the codes that it uses to jailbreak the device using the dylib from the firmware. Basically, this is what checks if you're on 3.1.3 or 3.1.2 and allows spirit to jailbreak your device.

    Technically, if we were to add this line in, we could jailbreak any 4.0 beta.

    (This is an example for an iPod Touch 3g)


    (I'm not sure if this is the correct dylib, but it looks like this could be the one for iPod touch 3g)

    So, if we can find out the filecode for the dylib (I would do it right now, but not being near my Mac at work to go on 4.0 beta, and not being near linux to run this) we could jailbreak 4.0 betas.

    You MUST have a signed UDID and already have 4.0 on your device to do this, as well as have a linux computer. A live cd would work just as well I suppose.

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    Hey, I was just thinking the same thing as you were.

    I have gotten linux on pc and have added the line to it and think it is the right one..

    Now I need some help installing this source code..

    I read everywhere and cant get spirit to install or like idk how to install programs on linux or im runnin Ubuntu linux.

    If you could tell me how to install it i can see if it works.


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    You would have to create a dylib for 4.0. And trust me, without the full source code, its not happening

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    I have been working on this and I have got Spirit to except my iPhone 3GS. It does the normal Restore and boot normally but without Cydia. So if anyone has the source code please let me know .

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