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Thread: Murphy's law or spirit bug?

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    Default Murphy's law or spirit bug?
    I have a 3GS that was running 3.1.3, JB with spirit. I've also run the 4.0 Betas on this phone, putting my Baseband at I use an official carrier SIM, so this isn't a big deal as I don't need an unlock. However, when beta4 was released, I attempted to upgrade via a restore.

    I also had the wifi-sync client installed, which I later found out causes restores to fail. For me, it failed about 3/4 of the way through. I then attempted to restore 3.1.3, and beta3 all with the same result (failing 3/4 through).

    It was at this point I found out about the wifi-sync bug. Removing the wifi-sync client I was able to restore to 3.1.3. Phone activated and was restored from backup, all seemed well.

    I then jailbroke with Spirit, setup my repositories in Cydia, installed a couple of things, totally unrelated to wifi sync. Everything seemed great.

    Then the iphone popped up with a "SIM invalid" message. I restarted, I get "No SIM", restart again, I get invalid followed by no sim.

    I figure I'll restore back to stock 3.1.3 and hope for the best. No go. IPhone won't activate on restore. Invalid SIM. At this point I'm thinking the bad restores hosed my BB.

    I throw in another carrier SIM and the phone activates fine. Throw my SIM into another phone and no go. So I got my carrier to replace my SIM, and its been smooth sailing ever since with stock 3.1.3.

    Thing is, I'm kind of worried about JB again. Did my SIM just choose a piss poor time to fail? The guy at the store said they shipped a batch of bad ones roughly when I bought my phone.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Is there anyway for a bad restore, or spirit, or the new BB (with old OS) to ruin a SIM?

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    it's very possible that you were given a bum SIM =X Those kind of things happen in the electronics industry.

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    Ah well, was much happier to pay the $5.00 for a new sim then the several hundred for a new phone!

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