Im having a weird problem. Whenever I go to open an app that requires an internet connection, say Mail or Pandora, it continuasly trys to connect to my 3G connection. It does not connect however. In order for me to connect, I have to open the app once, and then close it and re-open it, then it connects to 3G. So for Mail app, I open Mail, it says connecting, and it never goes away until I end the "Mail" process from proswitcher. Then I restart mail and it connects. Same goes for any other app. Even safari if I do a search on google and hit enter, it will not connect. Only when I hit the 'X' button and click refresh will it connect. Anyone know what may be a possible cause?

Its an iPhone 3GS with jailbroken 3.1.2 modem firmware 5.11.07.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.