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Thread: Iphone 3gs, Iphone 3g

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    So, yes I realize I'm new to this site, so pardon if I posted in the wrong section.

    This is more of a "Should I?" question..
    well I have a 3g that was handed to me but i'm taking it to my dads friend because supposedly "he knows" how to get around the 06.04 baseband, downgrade it & unlock it. ( I have t-mobile)

    with that said I already had a 3gs coming because the 3g was handed to my dad then given to me, since my dad already has one.
    problem is there all updated, even the 3gs. so is it worth keeping or should I just return it? seeing that people have had the baseband problems for months and theres no solution to the unlock. I love the iphone and this isn't criticizing the teams out there who are possibly working on getting the unlocks for higher basebands. but, I see different answers saying they are, they're not, they are, they're not. so yeah regardless, should i just return both iphones or wait around? (if the solution is coming out soon)

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    Well I don't really know what to tell you except that there is no such baseband as 6.04. The highest baseband is 5.12.01, which is not unlockable at the time.

    I think you're referring to the bootloader. Bootloaders can't be downgraded either. With booloader 5.08 on 3G phones only (it's rare though) they can downgrade any baseband down to 4.26.08.

    I doubt your dad's friend knows how to get the baseband downgraded if the bootloader isn't 5.08. If the bootloader is 5.08 then you're in luck and can downgrade your baseband to unlock. If not, there's no option.

    There is definitely no option for 3GS that's been upgraded. So, if you have some patience, wait till the 4.0 OS is released. An unlock will surely surface then. It's expect early to mid June.

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