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Thread: Blackrain jb+ tethering=lock up ?Need this for work?

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    Default Blackrain jb+ tethering=lock up ?Need this for work?
    Ok so i had to walk 4 miles to a hotel to get this message to the internet. Don't have a car and I use my iphone as my main source of internet.So if you could please email me a response I'll be able to get it at work through the firewall. Vs walking 4 miles everyday to see if this post is updated. [email protected]

    So I've been using Blackrain to jailbreak and tether my iphone so I can get online. However after the tethering, I'm always losing service 2-4 times a day even when I don't have tethering on. Also When someone calls me my phone drops the signal as soon as I answer. Haveing business clients thinking i'm hanging up on them is causeing me some headaches. This is a problem i'm trying to fix. If I'm unable to fix it then i'll have to move back into the city so I can get internet. Which will double my rent.

    symptoms- phone random drops service 2-4 times a day,
    phone drops signal on every incoming call,
    Phone drops signal then freezes(THIS IS THE BIG ISSUE) and every attempt to unfreeze it is unsuccessful, even reboot and hard reset lock the phone up permanently.

    So then i'm having to walk with my laptop to the hotel and sit outside and launch restore for an hour. Is there another option besides blackrain thats a bit more stable. I'm using 3.1.2 iwp and the latest version of blackrain. Any help would really help me out alot.

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    Wow really appreciate the help..

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    ****** bags, figured it out blackrain sucks.

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