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Thread: " I did it 3" !!!!

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    Smile " I did it 3" !!!!
    OK so here is my final posting on this subject.
    I had upgraded to 3.1.3 via Itunes, and of course lost
    everything on my Iphone, stupid me.
    I then posted here to find help, a few people told
    me I was dead until the dev team came up with a
    break for the new baseband...
    I used Itune to downgrade the firmware to 3.1.2
    then used Redsn0w 0.9.4 to jailbreak it. I used
    (fuzzyband) to downgrade the baseband to 04.26.08.
    I then used (ultrasn0w) to unlock the Iphone.
    So I have a fully operating Iphone, on Tmobile
    Thanks to all those that kept pointing me in the
    right direction.
    there is so much info on the net and on here, but
    some is getting old. When I did a search for 3.1.3 jailbreak
    I got dates from 2009.
    I still wonder why there are so many apps for these
    jailbreaks and unlocks.
    btw spirit or pwnage 3.1.5 would jailbreak my iphone in
    its situation.
    I had used pwnage before, and hope by the time
    4.0 comes out, pwnage will be fully working. I had noted
    that a few others on this site I said that
    for their situation some of the jailbreaks\unlocks were
    not working.
    best to all of you

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    So why keep making different threads instead of just updating the threads you already have out there? It helps with refference for other users and also helps the server.

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    could you PLEASEEEEEE tell me how to 'using itune to downgrade to 3.1.2'??? plase help I was screwed like you and now I want to be unscrewed like you

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    HI Pd
    OK, you need to have your IPhone in recovery mode
    I believe you hole the power and home button down at the same time
    for about 10 seconds, then start Itunes, it will tell you that
    there is a device in recovery mode...on that screen is the option
    to restore from either 3.1.3 or 3.1.2...choose 3.1.2
    then after that is when you use one of the jailbreak programs
    to jailbreak your iphone. try to use pwnage 3.1.5 and hope it works
    if not, just follow what I did
    btw there are 2 states the Iphone can be in, one is recovery the
    other is might want to do a google search for both
    of those and see what they do..

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    Remember gentlemen and ladies ..... fuzzyband works on a VERY SMALL number of 3GS iPhones and those fortunate few have bootloader 5.08. Most do not!! Never let iTunes upgrade your phone unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing. You are very likely to loose all unlocking and jb'ing for a long time !!!!

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    Hey I probably agree, in my case I did make the mistake if letting
    Itunes up date to 3.1.3 with baseband 5xxxx
    and In my case which should be the case for everyone doing this
    that they can recover... I did and I'm not a geek, just
    kept on reading until all the pieces came into place
    And yes if you are jailbroken, stay away from Itunes until
    you know what is happening...and make sure your jailbreak program
    does work...
    BTW it took 2 times for redsn0w to jailbreak my iphone.

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