Hi all,

I have the following issue. In 2009 I bought a JB + unlocked 3GS (HongKong model) in Shanghai. Sw was 3.0. After 3.1.2 release I JB and unlocked it again with blackra1n. so far no problems and i was able to use it with a china mobile (not official carrier) SIM card.

After installing some apps, my Iphone froze in a boot loop and reading the forums, the only way to get it out was to restore. unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention and restored to factory 3.1.3. SW version instead of custom IPSW.

Now the phone is stuck in the 'emergency calls only' screen and when I connect to Itunes it asks me to activate the device. Obviously the China Mobile SIM is not recognized anymore.

I went to the China Unicom (official carrier) as I have no China Unicom SIM card. They put one in and tried activating but didn't succeed since the devise was 'a different model' when comparing to the china mainland bought models and the China Unicom SIM was not recognized either.

What i want is to JB the 3.1.3 with spirit. Then buy a China Unicom SIM so that I can use the devise again. My question is then: How to activate the iphone in Itunes now in order for me to proceed with the next step?

Or are there other options?