okay i have two iphone 3g's stuffed up...

1st iPhone 3GS
iPhone 3gs
F/W: 3.1.3
MC Model
New Baseband

its on but its currently locked, is there anyway to unlock it? i've tried all major carrier sim cards in it for Autsralia which are Optus, 3, Telstra and Vodafone... if i can get past activation that would allow me to run Spirit and Jailbreak it. Because Spirit is currently giving me Error Code: 1.

2nd iPhone 3GS
iPhone 3Gs
F/W: 3.1.2
MC Model

its stuck on the infamous Blackra1n recovery mode boot cycle, i have no SHSH files saved so don't bother asking. im too scared to go on and update it to 3.1.3 because i dont want it to suffer the same fate as the first iPhone 3gs i mentioned earlier...

any idea's guys?