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Thread: 5$ via PAYPAL if you can help solve my probem (3gs Apple Logo)

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    since you have been unlocked and jailbroken before, and you havent updated to a stock 3.1.3 yet...

    Make a custom 3.1.3 restore, and restore that from restore mode.

    Grab the firmware here:

    grab pwnagetool(mac) or sn0wbreeze(win)

    Create a custom restore without the baseband update, restore, install blacksn0w rc2, enjoy.
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    thankyou for joining this forum to post in my thread, I will be donating to both them and you if this works

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    Quote Originally Posted by drmias View Post
    will just to make it easier for you

    First option:
    What you have to do first, is to confirm you got the old bootrom (by checking your serial number's 4th and 5th digits: XXX33XXXXXX, while the 33 is the digits you need) if it's less than 40 you're good to go, else, you're stuck (check out the second option which is you last chance currently)! and it'll only let you restore to an official firmware by apple (which is 3.1.3), If it's less than 40, so the next steps are:

    1) Download a 'custom 3.1.3' Firmware (if you can't find I could give a link)

    2) Enter your iphone into DFU mode by pressing both power and home button for EXACTLY 10 Seconds, and then release the power button and keep holding the home button until hearing a voice of connecting a hardware from the computer or having some message (it would take about another 15-20 seconds) If you have any problem with it: search ENTER DFU MODE on YouTube.

    3) Click SHIFT+Restore on iTunes and choose your fresh downloaded Custom 3.1.3 Firmware.

    ---**--- If you get an error between 1000-1016, it's ok, do 2 and 3 again, and then you'll get error 1015 which is OK! ---**---

    4) to bypass the 1015 error, all you have to do is to download iReb from, once lunched click on "Fix Recovery Mode Loop" Then choose 3G[S].

    5) To get your iPhone unlocked, all you still have to do is to add the to the cydia sources, and install blacksn0w.

    Second Option:
    The last chance is by checking out if you've got your blobs 'backed up' on saurik server, here you go:
    1) download Umbrella, from
    2) You have to get your ECID#, to do that follow the next few steps:
    A) Enter DFU Mode (the bold section above).
    B) Go to Control PanelSystemDevice Manager.
    C) Look for "Apple Mobile Device" in the USB Section.
    D) Choose the Details Tab above, and in Property Choose "Device Instance Path".
    E) check the gotten 'long' row, for the "ECID:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" (The 16 X's are your needed ECID#)
    3) Enter the ECID# you've got above into Umbrella, and choose 3.1.2 and Saurik Server, if you get a file, you're ok to go, else, you are CURRENTLY ABSOLUTELY STUCKED!!! until a new tool release.
    4) if you see you've got your file on Saurik's server, then go to the path: "C:WindowsSystem32driversetc" choose the file "hosts" and open it with Notepad, add the line:
    And add ###'s to the beginning of all the other lines in this file, SAVE it and exit.
    5) Download a 3.1.2 version for 3GS (Google it!)
    6) the final step is to restore via iTunes by clicking SHIFT+Restore and choose your downloaded 3.1.2 firmware.

    Finally, instead of paying me some bucks, I would prefer you donate it to the developers (DevTeam, GeoHOT, iH8Sn0w, Spirit Developer), who made the amazing tools which qualified me to help you!
    great post!
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    I still cannot restore, I have made the 3.1.3 custom and attempted to restore In dfu mode. I keep getting error 1600, Ireb doesn't support 3gs. So is there anything else I can do? Also the phone was made in week 30 if that helps.

    I give up.

    I have exhausted basically ever option avalible.
    Nothing works..

    I updated to stock 3.1.3 firmware and will jailbreak and sell on ebay.

    Thankyoou everyone for the help.
    5$ will go to each developer Of iPhone jailbreaking programs.
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