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Thread: os4.0 question

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    Default os4.0 question
    hey guys just got a few questions i have and iphone 3gs factory unlocked(i can swap sims without out the need for and unlock or jb )however i recently jailbroke when at 3.1.2 then restored to 3.1.3
    i dont have a developers id but i was browsing the net when i came upon a site stating
    that i must remove following two lines of code from SystemVersion.plist file.


    to use os4.0 without a registered udid
    my question is it safe to do?will i lose my factory unlock? are there any problems associated?Any legal issues (is it legal)?
    will i lose my apps,contacts,music....etc im aware a full restore is needed...
    and finally can i downgrade back to 3.1.3(just incase)?
    i use a windows 7 machine so i jst download the ipsw or dmg and then extract the system version.plist by changing the file extension to rar and then copying the systemversion.plist and then modifying it and putting it back and replacing the original file and then change the extension back to one thats recognized by itunes it should work right?

    Thanks in advance for your time
    forgive any typos and if its in the wrong thread

    Bump (is it allowed srry if nt seems every ones enjoying their jailbreak)

    Ahem ahem
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