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Thread: Spirit!!!

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    Default Spirit!!!
    Hey everybody so I just saw the new jailbreak spirit and it's untethered and my iPhone 3gs is jailbroken by blackra1n 3.1.2 so if I just open spirit will my unlocked iPhone be locked plz anybody tell me cause I want an untethered iPhone

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    yes you will lose your unlock...the next unlock will not come until 4.0 firmware

    it is not recommended to use spirit on top of another jailbreak..u will need to do a clean restore and the phone must be activated before running spirit
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    Ok thx but how will I unlock it again I bought it unlocked and I don't live in the us so I don't know if it is AT&T or t-mobile

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    if you bought it unlocked it might be factory unlocked so the unlock doesnt matter
    but if you bought it off someone with cydia and other 3rd party apps on there then you stay on your current firmware and do the unlock

    for example
    if your 3.1.2 stay on that and do the spirit jailbreak and the ultrasnow unlock should still work for it
    but if your on 3.1.3 then your out of luck for an unlock (like i am)

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    If you read the directions it explains everything you need to do. If you are jailbroken allready do not use the tool. If you want to rejailbreak you have to install fresh unjailbroke firmware. To stay on the baseband that you need to unlock then you have to reinstall 3.1.2 but you have to have your shsh blobs on file if you have a 3gs. If you have a 3g you just need to reinstall firmware 3.1.2 then jailbreak and either way the phone has to be activated (no connect to iTunes logo). Meaning you have to have a official carrier sim. Then you can unlock and use a differ sim. If you install 3.1.3 then your baseband will be updated and you will not be able to unlock it yet!

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    Ok too complicated for me lol but thx anyways I'll wait for the new blackra1n

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    i did a new install and disabled the itunes helper but i still get an error.. I see someone had said to run as window98 but I am not sure how to do that since im on a vista computer

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeblstrn View Post
    i did a new install and disabled the itunes helper but i still get an error.. I see someone had said to run as window98 but I am not sure how to do that since im on a vista computer
    Before you run spirit, right click > scroll down to properties > click compatibility and check the Run this program in compatibility for windows xp, click Ok and then run it.

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    how do i know if my iphone is factory unlocked

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    When I run Spirit it says succeeded but the Cydia icon doesn't appear. Can anyone help?

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    Hi Greensprout. I don't get the Cydia icon after using Spirit either. Have you managed to find out how to get it?

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    I have the iphone 3GS 3.1.2 tethered jailbreak/unlocked with blackra1n.(have to plug into comp)
    Bootloader 6.04 [G2M3S2]
    Baseband 05.11.07
    OS 3.1.2
    SHSH is not backed up by cydia. Cuz I backed up 3.1.3 by mistake a few months back.

    The QUESTIONS. Based on my situation. and most people.

    1. Can i use Spirit to Jailbreak? If So, will it still have Cydia or blackra1n on the phone and can I use blackr1n to unlock the phone. I have Tmobile.

    2. If i need to do a fresh restore of 3.1.2 on the phone. Can i still back up by SHSH. and jailbreak with Spirit and have Cydia and unlock with Blackra1n.

    Thank You

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