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Thread: Iphone 3G Bricked Blackra1n battery died

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    Default Iphone 3G Bricked Blackra1n battery died
    Hello I need some help. I jailbroken with blackra1n several months back and everything worked great. Then about 2weeks ago my battery died. I have read several message boards and nothing works. Here is a list of my symptons:

    1. Black screen at all times, when I hold home and power, I see faint lines come across the top like it is trying to start, but screen never lights up
    2. when connected to pc I never get a beep and pc doesn't recognize
    3. If i put the phone in DFU mode, itunes recognizes and says need to restore (iphone always remains black). So I tell it to restore and then after few minutes I get an error from itunes saying can't restore 1600.
    4. I have tried to restore with the Blackra1n.exe but it never detects the phone connected.
    5. I'm running on MAC. However, I have tried on 2 pcs running Windows XP
    6. I have tried opening and removing battery and motherboard, wait few minutes and reinstall, then tried all of the above again

    I know the phone isn't totally dead because the system (both mac and pc) sees it go into DFU mode but nothing works in getting it to restore.

    Please help with all suggestions

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    Well it doesnt have anything to do with blackra1n....sounds like a hardware issue most likely.

    Make sure your actually in DFU mode, if so...try restoring while in recovery mode.

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    When I'm logined into mac and go thru the holding the buttons for 10secs then releasing the power/still holding the home, itunes recognizes it as being in restore mode.

    When I'n logged into pc and go thru the same sequence, windows actually pops up message saying an iphone in dfu mode was detected.

    From here, I have tried to restore with both mac and pc in itunes and I receive the error 1600 every time.

    Any other suggestions?

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    You get the same msg for DFU and recovery...this is the correct way to enter DFU mode.

    Phone off and plugged in.

    Hold power button for 5 seconds.

    Without releasing power, now hold home button for 10 seconds.

    Release power button, continue to hold home until itunes recognizes phone needing restore, usually takes 10-20 seconds.

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    Ok I tried again twice, the first time I got error 1600 and the second time error 1601. I will try again, maybe 3rd times the charm

    Ok I'm still getting error 1601.

    I have no way of telling if the phone is turned off because the screen never lights up.
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    make sure it's fully charged before trying

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    Left on charger for full charge and tried again. No success

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