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Thread: Turbo2sn0w problem

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    Default Turbo2sn0w problem
    Alright so being me. I tried out turbo2sn0w and now my
    computer is completely messed up. I don't have a restore point but I keep getting this windows will shutdown in 2 minutes error. Please tell me how to fix it. I ininstalled iTunes also and am currently running system startup repair. Was I supposed to restart after I ininstalled iTunes??

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    ur screwed, Ih8sn0w decompiled their "jb". its completely fake, and removes files from your hard drive.

    Thunderst0rm is also completely fake but isnt malicious and wont harm anything.

    Sorry i cant help more, but i have to get back to work.

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    try system restore

    windows comes standard with it
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    Yea apparently mine was turned off without me knowing so I have no restore points as far as I'm concerned. I'll go double check

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    I'll check it out later. Cleaning lady is in my room

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    I just ran Malwarebytes in Safe Mode, found a reg. virus, working fine since. Also, check your start up folder and delete all the files in there too.

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    thanks. I'll try that fix soon. Seems legit and the cause.

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    Hmm.. sounds suspiciously like a Rootkit to me

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    alright so i deleted the itunes.bat file and then rebooted. The error 7 thing that keeps popping up is now gone thank god. But i still get this application extension file error that emerged when i used turbo2sn0w.

    Here are the two files left in my start up folder. Tell me if i need to delete them and which ones.



    are these bad and do i need to delete them??

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    Delete both. Also check msconfig start up section

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    and whats the msconfig start up section?? is it different?

    Edit: nvm got it............well everything seems fixed now. Thanks.

    Lets all pray a real jailbreak is released by the end of this month
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