a couple weeks ago i used blackra1n to basically start my iphone 3g from scratch. it all worked fine, i have 3.1.2 firmware on there, good to go. I was using Tiger a few weeks ago, and i just upgraded to Snow Leopard last week. Now my computer is not recognizing my iphone. when i plug the phone into my macbook pro, the Canon EOS camera utility detects the iphone, but itunes does not. also, when i run blackra1n, the box just says "waiting for device" after i click Make it Rain.

My iphone works just fine, so i'm good there, but since itunes isn't recognizing it, i can't A) back up about $30 in apps i purchased since jailbreaking/upgrading (i'd still been on 2.2.1 for months!), B) put tunes on my iphone, or even C) re-jailbreak my phone and start over again (no recognition = no restore).

anybody know why this is happening?