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Thread: 3G iPhone without AT&T data plan?

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    Default 3G iPhone without AT&T data plan?
    I have read many threads on this subject.... but a lot of the information is old or from people who don't know what they are talking about. So I wanted to get some things cleared up once and for all.

    To use my 16GB 3G iPhone on AT&T monthly service without paying the $30/mo data plan.

    -I had a 2 year contract with AT&T for a different phone. That contract expired last month, so now I'm just doing the month-to-month payments and still using my old phone with a no-data plan. (I do not have a contract with AT&T for the iphone)

    -I just bought a 3G jailbroken iphone off of ebay (firmware 3.1.3). Since the iphone is jailbroken, I'm assuming it does not need activated or anything.

    -I have already called AT&T and had them block all data to my account.

    -I am part of a family plan and I want to be able to text frequently.

    ---Things I'm aware of so you don't need to point them out like I'm a complete idiot (just a partial idiot)---

    -I am fully aware that I could get a ipod touch and keep my phone then "problem solved". However, I want them combined into 1 device so I don't have to carry around 2 everywhere I go. I also want GPS built in and I think the camera would be nice addition as well.

    -"An iphone without data is useless" Yes, I agree (for the most part) but 75% of the time I'm at work, home or the local coffee shop and all 3 have WIFI so I do not need the EDGE/3G plan.

    -I will not be able to get visual voicemail without the data plan. (Don't care, I'm fully capable of calling in to check my voicemail... I've been doing it for about 4 years now)

    -I will not be able to download GPS maps via the 3g network (I plan to get around this by using the TomTom app that basically has the entire continent on the phone, no downloads required. 3G can hold 16 gb and that will be useful since this program is 1.3gb)

    -I could get a pay-as-you-go phone and swap the SIM cards but I want to be able to send texts a lot and I don't want to have to pay for each text.

    ---My Plan---
    -To swap the SIM card of my current phone into the iPhone
    -Change the iPhone's IMEI to my old phone's IMEI (if possible)
    -Have AT&T be none the wiser that I am using an iPhone without a data plan.

    ---My questions---
    -Will AT&T know if I am using an iPhone if I just swap the SIM cards? (There is a lot of heresay out there about what they know... please only answer if you have something with actual evidence... not just what you read on some other thread)

    -Will AT&T even care that I am using an iPhone without a data plan because I didn't sign a contract with them for buying/using an iPhone? (In other words, am I going to be charged some fee or something)

    -Is it possible to change the IMEI on a 3G phone and will it help? ( I know that older iphones had this capability using like Zphone or something)

    -What do I need to do give myself the best chances of AT&T finding out about the iPhone (I've heard of people swapping the SIM back to their old phone the day before the billing cycle ends each month, others always ejected the SIM everytime they restarted the iPhone because supposedly that is when it transmits the phone data to AT&T)
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    There is no way of changing the IMEI of an iPhone. ATT can detect you are on a iPhone even if you don't use data. Your IMEI is seen even during phone calls.

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    So is there anyway to fake the IMEI or anything? Or do you think AT&T will not go after me because I don't have an iPhone contract with them? I think that AT&T would get much more upset at people who either are
    1. trying to get a away with using an iPhone on a cheaper data plan or
    2. bought an iPhone from AT&T, canceled the contract, then tried to use the iPhone without data.

    I don't really think AT&T would get too upset with me but I would like to fly as under the radar as possible.
    Any other suggestions?

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    I have te exact same question. I was able to tell AT&T that I changed phones (to a non smartphone) so they were able to put me on a pay per use data plan. I was able to disable my iPhone from using 3g and data in general thus only wifi connection. However, AT&T is able to scan usage and figure out I'm using my iPhone (which sadly they &@^## you over and stick me back on a data plan). So the question remains, is there any way that the iPhone can block the device scan? (blackberrYs are capable)

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    And how are blackberrys able to block scans? Anytime you use your phone, data or voice call, it sends your IMEI to the provider.

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    It is more on the provider's side (in thus case AT&T), the customer serv rep mentioned that she was unable to "exclude from sending scan info" bc iPhones are prevented from exclusion. Blackberries are not. I am still in search for a fix or way to block the phone

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    Any updates on this? I am looking to do exactly the same thing.


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    If its unlocked maybe you could switch T-mobile, I believe you can get a non data plan from them.

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