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Thread: Firmware 4.0 issues/bugs, Report here ...

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    Default Firmware 4.0 issues/bugs, Report here ...
    First of all, I just got firmware 4.0 running on my iPhone 3GS.

    I am creating a thread where people should post issues,glitches, bugs they face with new firmware, and if any1 found solutions to them.

    Some issues i saw right away.....

    Photos: events and faces feature dont work, it says no photos

    iBooks: im not even sure how to install this

    iPhone have problem with backing up, gives me error that phone refuse to back up

    phone sometimes does not ring even off vibrate.

    background apps never close, which makes phone over time..

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    events and faces work if you already have them grouped in iPhoto. mine work fine.

    iBooks isn't out yet

    phone rings every time I have received a call so far

    background apps essentially savestate, so they are for the most part closed aka "dormant"

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    When in the photos, the home screen wallpapers do not apply when setting from photos app, must set home screen wallpapers through wallpapers in settings

    charcter counter in messaging doesnt work (that i can see)

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    MP3 Attachments in emails don't play when clicked (after downloaded), just opens a blank page.

    A few times when viewing a photo in the camera roll, the far left button won't do anything. (should give options)

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    does any1 know how does the mail feature work?
    when you go to settings in mail, you can choose withing mail account, main calendars and notes on-off, but how does it exactly work?
    I turned calendars on with my gmail account however it didnt do anything, i have a calender setup on my gmail account.

    *edit* got it working, just had to edit settings for calendar where i had to choose gmail account. easy peezy
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Apps wont stay in folders after you sync with itunes.

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    Actually you can close background apps!

    Bring up the multitask dock, then press an icon for a few seconds and a little minus button will appear. Click it and the app will close. You can do with with all the apps on the multitask dock.

    And bugs I have encountered:
    - The occasional 3.0 app doesn't work e.g. TuneIn Radio
    - Game Center was down earlier

    And so far that is it!

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    I've had issues with no sound coming from the phone for a short amount of time. After waking up the phone, the lock noises weren't heard, so I re-locked and tried a few times with no luck until suddenly all the sounds played and I was back to normal. Happend a few times, a reboot seemed to fix it for now.

    Places in the Photo app crashes for me; the icon appears on the bottom row after a picture is taken, but when you try to view where it was taken on the map, the photo app just crashes.

    I've also had the occasional 3.0 app crash; MLB at bat crashes when you try to view more info about a game, etc..

    There is probably something else I'm forgetting, but thats about it for now.

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    Same note as others regarding occasional but brief loss of system sounds. They usually restore after pressing the keypad or making a call. is buggy and cannot change the lock/homescreen backgrounds; must be performed through settings.

    When in landscape mode, sometimes Safari will show a new tiled page in portrait which extends into the status bar.

    Other than that it seems pretty stable. Pandora does not continue to work in the background although it is present in the 'Task Manager'. Speaking of, I love the ability to shut down the background apps. Kind of negates Jobs's statement yesterday regarding task managers though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tom5447 View Post
    I love the ability to shut down the background apps. Kind of negates Jobs's statement yesterday regarding task managers though.
    Haha, yeah. I am still sturggling to understand why he said that yesterday. Surely he knew about how to close the apps?

    Oh yeah and also I forgot to mention about 'Places' under Photos.
    The tab appears at the bottom of the app, I press it and then photos closes down and the tab disappears for a while.

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    One more thing - I am not receiving Facebook push notifications even though all settings show to be enabled. Anyone else?

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    When on a call, I click the home button and nothing happens. Double and triple clicks don't work either. That's a big pain.

    How often do beta releases update with bug fixes? I may need to go back to 3.1.3 if possible due to bugs.


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    iPhone 3G with OS 4.

    In Camera the 5x digital zoom operates when live, but as soon as a picture is taken the image is the standard non-zoomed image.

    No Home background imagine :-(

    Also no chat option in the Game Center, I expected a little more maybe from this new app.

    My Gamer Tag is: Sym
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    Something buggy with the sync from my Exchange calendar. Some of my re-occuring appointments are showing as all day now.

    Some appointments are on the wrong day with everything in Exchange/Outlook correct.

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    Default HTTPS connections drop or crash
    Any connections to a HTTPS site crashes if I have the app already open. Turning off and then back on, then going to HTTPS Site will work then...but once it drops, cannot access again until a restart.

    This is mainly on sites that require a Website Certificate Acceptance. Also, although the "Would you like to save this password" prompt does appear, it never saves.

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    Thumbs down 4.0 Beta 2
    My camera doesn't work.
    iPod still thinks it's playing, showing artwork at lock screen.
    iPod really slowed down becoming virtually useless.
    App Store tells me it wants me to connect to Wifi to download, when i am.
    Lock sounds etc are intermittent.
    Keyboard slow.

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    my itunes crashes when i try updating to beta 2

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    i have a bug with Alarm,

    i set alarm clock 7.40am weekdays but the phone rings @ 8.40am tried variuos settings i get the same. so if i want to wake up @ 7 i have to set alarm to 6am

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    Default Problems with Jailbreak firmware 4.0 (Ipod Touch 2nd Gen)
    I recently jailbroke my ipod touch 2nd gen using redsnow 9.5b5-5, enabling both multitasking and wallpapers. Now my ipod now laggs and randomly freezes and shuts off. This occurs everytime I download apps from ********** and movies from the app. Any Suggestions would be Appreciated.

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