Hi, so i just got my very first ipod touch 8GB 3rd Gen yesterday, i have downgraded it from 3.1.3 3rd Gen firmware to a 3.1.2 2nd Gen firmware, and installed blackra1n and it all went well. I'm now trying to download Cydia or ROCK but it doesn't seem to download at all, i kept getting this message:

" Error downloading cydia Could not download Error : Error domain = NSURLerrordomain ...... "
My Wifi works fine though, i can load pages perfectly fine and i even installed the SpeedTest.net app and did the test, and i get fairly good speed as well, but i can't seem to download either Cydia or ROCK at all....

please help me with this!

BTW, i can't SSH and have never tried it, like i said this is my first ipod Touch and my very first time jailbreaking it. I know there is Cyder, but i want to install Cydia on my ipod Touch. And i know the untethered jailbreak for 3.1.3 firmware will be out soon from geohot, or that greenpo1son will be released soon as well, but for now please just help me with what i need.