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Thread: Blackra1n bug? Help do you have the same problem?

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    Unhappy Blackra1n bug? Help do you have the same problem?
    I was wondering if anyone has the same problem as me. I have a iPhone 3gs 3.1.2 and I did the jailbreak using blackra1n it worked great but there is one glitch. Everytime I turn my phone off it won't boot back up... It goes into recovery mode. So I have to go back to the blackra1n website and run it again then my phone boots up fine right back to the way it was. Anyone know how I can fix this? So now I just can't turn my phone off unless I'm next to a computer. The only thing I've tried was doing the sn0wbreeze 3.1.3 update jailbreak. It should have worked according to all the info but I got a error 1604 message. I thought if that had worked the new firmware jailbreak may have fixed the glitch I currently have. Help anyone if you can. Otherwise the jailbreak is great!

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    This is called a tethered jailbreak. There is no fix for it at the time. Sn0breeze only jailbreaks the 3.1.3 on the old bootrom, you have the new one since you are tethered.

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    It's says it will work with bootrom 5.11.07 which is what i got. It's the old bootrom. I just didn't work when I tried it. Thanks for the other info though. I always wondered what people where talking about with regards to tethered or nontethered jailbreak.

    Unless I need an older bootrom than that but it says the one I have should work. So not sure why it won't.
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    5.11.07 is the BASEBAND, not the BOOTROM.

    You have iBoot-359.3.2, which is the new bootrom, but you know this without checking because your jailbreak is tethered.

    But, if you should want to check a phone in the future:

    post #2 has MAC instructions, and #4 has them for windows.

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    Ok I was under the understanding as long as you didn't have an MC model you had the old bootrom. I have the MB model so I thought I had the old bootrom. Thanks for the info I'm newer to this whole jailbreak thing but I am learning a lot lately. Well her is to not turning my phone off EVER! lol

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    The MB/MC thing is for iPod touches, and really doesn't apply to iphones. Mine is an MB with 359.3.2, my previous one was an MC with 359.3.

    Some people use the year/week of manufacture, but that's sort of a loose guideline too, and some refurbs don't fit into that pattern at all.

    The only way to be absolutely sure before you jailbreak is the method listed in the thread linked above.

    But tethered really isn't THAT big of a deal. I almost never restart my phone anyway, and it's only crashed on me once away from home, so I've been pretty lucky with it so far. (though I do miss my old untethered jailbreak phone. I have effin AT&T to thank for the loss of that one!)

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    Yes my first 3gs worked great untethered. Then it just completely melted Dow and wouldn't boot for anything after 2 hours at the Apple store they gave me a new one under my warranty.

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