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Thread: AT&T Store Firmware upgrade.

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    Default AT&T Store Firmware upgrade.
    I was trying to purchase a new iPhone that had 3.1.2 like some were able to do from the AT&T store. I found some older serial numbers that supposedly had 3.1.2. But was told that when activating the iPhone, iTunes will ask to update to 3.1.3. The employee said she must do the update and that I could not leave without activating. I've heard of people getting 3.1.2 through an AT&T store, but I don't understand how it's possible if what the employee said is true.

    So do they really have to update you're phone in order to activate.

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    I know that when I bought mine about a month ago I was ugrading from a 2g so I told the store employee to not even open the box because I had all my contacts and stuff I wanted to get off my old one ad I would take care of activating and what not when I got home...he had no problem with that so I don't know, may be different where u live

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    Yea, you should be able to request not to activate and you will do that from home. Say something like my contacts are on my old phone and I don't want to be stuck without all day till I get home.

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    They didn't update mine. 3.1.2 out of the box

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    sounds like hoohaw to me. Maybe the store employee knew you wanted to jailbreak or unlock it and wanted to stop you from doing so for whatever reason....who knows..

    but every iphone i have ever bought from the att store (5 of them) i have always asked them to not do anything and to leave the box unopened and i have never had any issues.

    When dealing with store all depends on who you are dealing with and what kind of day they are having.

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