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    Hey guys,

    iTunes freezes for 3-4 minutes then unfreezes with the "itunes was unable to load dataclass information" iphonebrowser/idisk/clearcydialistcache all crash when i try to use them if iphone is plugged in

    reinstalled all apple software/restarted applemobiledevice service already

    itunes worked fine last time i used it ~3 months ago on two diff computers and 3 diff operating systems, but used it for first time in 3 months to no avail

    I have about 200 apps on my phone. really scared to backup/restore, is there a quicker fix for this?

    I was using CopyTransManager (like twice) just to load music onto it while i was avoiding installing itunes(bloatware) until i wanted to backup my contacts (is there a non itunes way to sync windows contacts with iphone contacts? i definitely dont want to restore without getting the hundreds of contacts ive added to my phone off of it first)

    I cannot get any SSH's to connect. Tried WinSCP, unable to connect with the instructions given. iPhoneBrowser crashes immediately when i attempt to connect to my USB-plugged-in iPhone.

    The phone crashed anything that tries to connect to it.

    All my appstore apps are working fine and cydia apps.

    Solution?: Ideally would like to not have to restore/rejailbreak/redownload, if you could gear your help towards fixing the problem without restoring. If there's no other way, could you give me a thorough checklist for how to do the very minimum amount of work getting all of my apps (Appstore & Cydia) apps AND their settings backed up i'd appreciate it immensely.

    (So far, i have used Chronus to backup as much app databases/data as i could, and PkgBckup get both AppStore & Cydia apps right?) are there better alternatives to these two apps (theyre the only ones i know of their kind) and anything else i should do/use?

    Problem is, i can't SSH to get the damn backups off the device, is there another method i should be trying?

    jailbroken (with purplerain? cant remember) 3GS w/ 3.0 , AT&T
    Windows 7

    my last, much easier question: if i want to upgrade to 3.1.2, i download pwngetool and use it and it erases everything on my iphone and gives me a fresh install without any appstore/cydia apps? can i use chronus/pkgbckp to reinstall them all really quickly (assuming i was able to save the backups somewhere + all my notes and contacts)

    77 views and no ideas? bu-heelp!
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    Duplicate thread. You have already posted this question, only difference is you forgot to mention that you are using cracked apps in this on. Which is probably causing an issue.

    Discuss on your first thread. /closed

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