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Thread: need a backup file (3GS)

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    Default need a backup file (3GS)
    i am trying to restore functionality to my iphone but dont have a valid backup file. can someone please send me a copy of your backup file? i have a 3gs but only have a backup file for a 3g.

    when i try to restore using the latest 3.1.3 (yeah i know.. but cant help already) the phone ends up in a dual emergency locked and restore mode)


    i noticed if i use the back up from my 3g it shows the iccid number.. but if i use this one thats in the folder (dated 2000) it doesnt show a ICCID number.. weird. phone works ok with att users though..
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    You cant use someone else's backup, its not going to work....and that shouldnt make a difference.

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    i did.. i used a backup file from my 3g for my 3gs.. explain that. i am looking or a stock backup file though.. dont want to delete all the contacts, photos and i am sure no one wants someone else to have them. .

    so anyhow.. can you explain my situation?

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    I really completely confused on what your doing. You should "set up as new phone" when you restore to keep from having any issues at all. All someone else's backup file would do is give you all of their contacts, txt msg's, picture, etc, etc....???

    Sounds like your phone isnt getting activated after the restore, you need to have your active simcard in it and itunes open with an internet connection to activate it.

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    oh no.. its activated after the restore from backup..

    after restore from 3.1.3 firmware, its not activated and i cant get it to activate. it doesnt recognize the sim and furthermore the phone is stuck in DFU mode.

    so this morning that was the condition of the phone.. didnt know what to do .. but when i plugged it in.. it asked me to restore backup.. i figured why not nothing else is working.. and i used my back up from my 3g and it worked. . sure it had all my contacts, photos, etc.. but it was activated and working. .

    what do you suggest i do at this point? restore the 3.1.3 firmware again?

    BTW cpjr .. i appreciate your thoughts and knowledge on this matter.. cant wait for a new FW that can be JB to come out

    oh oh.. i restored it again to 3.1.3 stuck again.. lol..

    edit: nm.. i got it to work.. thanks!!
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