Hi guys,

2 days ago I started having major issues; phone kept on running out of space and so on. I did some research and turned out to be the Rock log file growing; mine was at 22GB.

So I used iPhoneBrowser to erase all my music first as I thought that was the problem and then the log file but after that iTunes wouldn't detect my iphone unless in recovery mode. So I did a restore to 3.1.2 custom again; had to try 3-4 times cause it kept on failing to restore!

Finally managed to do it, iTunes asked if i want to restore from earlier backup but it failed saying: unable to restore from backup with unknown error (-32)

So I just setup as new phone; synced, setup everything again. Only thing I want is my text messages. Still have 2 backups from 6 days ago and 2 weeks ago. Text messages are the only thing I care about; the rest I will setup again. This is really importan to me... any help is appreciated.