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Thread: [Help]My iPhone memory suddenly go full today !!!!

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    Default [Help]My iPhone memory suddenly go full today !!!!
    My iphone memory suddenly said full today for some reason, i want to ask is there anyone have the same problem and how did you fixed it ? And is there any way to fix it without restore the iphone cos im using 3.1.2 atm

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    so yr phone just respringing the whole time ?
    that force u to upgrade to 3.1.3 ???

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    no i was on 3.1.3 because i wanted the latest version lol

    Its not respringing all the time, just when i delete the file

    edit# found a temp fix, check link above
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    thx very much bro =) got it working already

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    I have an iPhone 3GS 32 GB running 3.0.1 Jailbroken via Redsn0w. Today I was surprised to see a message that said I was running low on disk space, as I do have a 32 GB model. I found out using iFile that /var/mobile/Library/RYP/logs was taking up more than 28 GB! I had not even used a whole gigabyte myself, and there was about 28 left when I checked the About pane of Settings before, but tonight when I checked it said 0 bytes. I tried deleting the folder, because another post I read said that after uninstalling Rock, they deleted the folder, resprung, and got the space back. But neither Rock nor Cydia would open (I think because these Applications write to logs upon opening, and since there was no space left, they would just quit right after I tapped on them) so I went straight to iFile and deleted the file. Then I went back to About in Settings, still said 0 bytes and I read on in the post, and it said that after respringing, then the space was back, so I clicked respring in SBSettings, but it started some sort of respring loop, in the post, it said the phone resprung 3 times, then went to the spring board, but I don't think that I gave my phone the chance to complete the third respring, I force-rebooted it at that point I held Home + Lock/Power until it rebooted, but it never reached the spring board, just stayed on the Apple logo, if I hold Lock/Power it will boot normally and go to the Apple logo, but it will stay there for a while, and then go black (I am pretty sure it IS turning off), I am pretty sure this is not a battery problem, because the last reading I saw of the battery was 79% and the charger is plugged in, and the phone is slightly warm, as it usually is when I charge it. But I need to be able to fix it, and keep it on 3.0.1.

    But long story short, my iPhone seems to act normal, charging, powering on (but not reaching spring board yet), and I need to know how to fix this so that my iPhone will boot, I will have my disk space back, and still remain on 3.0.1. Please respond as soon as possible, I really want my iPhone working again.

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    Im having the worst time.

    Suddenly last night, after the previous day performing a full sync and backup in Itunes(first in months) i got a message saying memory full.

    Upon checking i found the "other" component of the memory in itunes to be at 13gig, whereas previously it was down around 5gig, something i found acceptable with all the bits and bobs ive done in jailbreaking/experimenting.

    After reading through some forums i found someone with a similar problem and it was that the files in the itunes_control needed to be deleted. I did this and tada, it was gone, however, so was my audio, even though this wasnt said to be something that would happen. I deleted all the audio off my iphone to see what would happen, and when i deleted the audio, i now find that the "other" component is now back up at half the total memory of the 32gig.

    I've searched through my phone all over to find whats taking up all this space...and im going out of my mind.

    I use winscp to get into my phone, its jailbroken and im on 3.1.2

    If anyone else can help me with finding out where this rogue "other" has come from, or a tip on how to search these threads better (i go in the search and it brings up google thread searches, or is that the point??)


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