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Thread: Wanna Jailbreak the 3.1.3 Firmware? iPhone 2g,3g ONLY!

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    Arrow Wanna Jailbreak the 3.1.3 Firmware? iPhone 2g,3g ONLY!
    Learn how to Jailbreak the 3.1.3 Firmware Now!
    I have saw some people asking how to jailbreak the iPhone running the 3.1.3 firmware so I thought I would make a quick video demonstrating just this. However just as I have stated in the title ONLY update to the 3.1.3 firmware if you have:

    • iPhone 2g (Original)
    • iPhone 3g

    If you do have one of the models I listed then you can jailbreak the 3.1.3 firmware. However again DO NOT update if you need an unlock for your iPhone because the 3.1.3 installs a new baseband which is not unlockable at this point. Also do not update if you have an iPhone 3gs. Anyways here is the URL to the Video...
    [ame=]YouTube - Learn How to Jailbreak your iPod Touch or iPhone running the 3.1.3 firmware[/ame]
    If you need any help with the tutorial please post your questions/comments in this thread!
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    how would i tell if my 3g is under week 40?

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    Hello JohnCarty,
    To tell if your iPhone is under week 40 check your iPhone's Serial number. the third number is the year. Example if the third number is 9, the year is 2009. And the 2 numbers after the year show what week. Example, my xx9(year)49(week #)xxxxxx So mine is the 49th week of 2009

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    That week 40 thing applies to the 3G[S], not the 3G.

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    Oh does it? Okay thanks I will update the post!

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