I have the 3gs iphone with firmware 3.1.2.
I just recently jailbroke my phone with blackra1n.
I installed a couple of themes and games with everything going the way it should
I wanted to install quickreply to my phone using this source : http://repo.*****************/
When i added this source, it says "did not find repository. The indicated repository could not be found ..... "
I tried another source : http://*************/cydia/ with my user name and password.
It says the same error.
No matter what source I seem to put, it has that same error.
Also when i install some packages, theres always some kind of error. I just ignore them and let it continue installing.
But when it finishes installing, it doesnt work.
Should I jailbreak my phone again or is there any way i can reinstall cydia from blackra1n ?

If thats not going to solve it, what can I do ?

Please helppppp ! ):