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Thread: Trading 3G 3.1.2 for 3G 3.0 today--question...

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    Default Trading 3G 3.1.2 for 3G 3.0 today--question...
    I am trading my one week old replacement phone that has now locked me out of T-Mobile to a guy on craigslist that has a 3G, OS 3.0, baseband 4.28. I'm giving him $150 as well.

    Is this a good deal? His phone is jailbroken/unlocked and he uses T-Mobile now. He is going to ATT and getting a 3GS (reason he says for the trade)


    What should I look out for? I know the icons can be faked that shows T-Mobile. I'll pop the sim to be sure.

    Is there a way to tell if it has water damage? He says the warranty is until May 2010.

    If I get it, how do I go to 3.1 firmware without losing the ability to stay unlocked? I do want to update.

    What will happen when I try to put all my apps on this phone via iTunes? Can I restore from back up of my current phone?

    Thanks for the help---don't want to get ripped off here!

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    well ive bought multiple iphones from craigslist.. one of the reasons y i decided to go to att and buy it straight from there..

    test every part of the screen. (bought one where the top 1/4 didnt work, stupid me, i only slid the unlock button and accepted it)

    cracks. headphones. volume, sleep, and vibrate buttons..

    all i can really think of

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    OK, got the phone. It's 3.0 already unlocked. How do I get all my stuff back? I can restore from the backup today but I'm afraid the restore will take away my jailbreak/unlock and update my firmware. Is that correct?
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