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Thread: Thinking of upgrading to 3.1.2 and with jailbreak and unlock on iphone 3gs

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    Default Thinking of upgrading to 3.1.2 and with jailbreak and unlock on iphone 3gs
    okay so i'm currently on 3.0.1 os jb w/ ultrasn0w.

    I'm interested in updating from 3.0.1 to 3.1.2

    I am wondering since upgrading to will also update my baseband and bootloader... will fuzzyband be able to downgrade me back to a ultrasn0w compatible version.

    right now i am at

    BL Version 06.04 [G2M3S2]
    BS Version ICE2-04.26.08
    3.0.1 OS

    am I missing something?

    I will be jailbreaking with blackra1n.

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    dont even think about it. my man fuzzyband wont be able to downgrade 5.11.07(because you have a bootloader 6.4 and fuzzyband only works on 5.8), but you dont have to worry. the only thing you need to do is use pwnage tool to make your new custom ipsw, then restore with it and thats it your baseband wont be upgraded and you will keep your unlock and you also will have the lates firmware.
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    Don't touch anything. I'd even go into iTunes and make sure it doesn't ask you every time if you want to upgrade. Some people leave that on, and 'accidentally' upgrade along with their baseband and they are SCREWED.

    You're in a good spot, just leave it at.

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    yea i was thinking about that... ****... i dont got a mac.

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    use iReb by iH8sn0w is a pwnage tool for windows.;-)

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    Does Mac OSX in a VMWare virtual machine work? I'm posting this from OSX Snow Leopard virtual machine running on Windows XP. You can 'connect' your iPhone through VMWare to OSX and it recognizes in iTunes. I just didn't know if you could use the Mac-only apps in a Mac virtual machine under Windows.

    It was super easy to set up. I downloaded a torrent 'package', with an OSX virtual machine file, and just loaded that into VMWare and in 2 minutes I was on OSX.

    It's a very nice OS by the way. Fast.

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    i`m looking forward to use Chrome OS. that should be nice.

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    When was iReb released? So that's it then, we can now upgrade firmware on iPhone 3GS to 3.1.2 and also do a jailbreak AND unlock using blackra1n and iReb on a windows system? Have I got this right? If so all the waiting is over? Anyone done this yet? Jailbroken and unlocked a 3GS on firmware 3.1.2 using windows (Blackra1n and ireb)

    Feeling hopefull!

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