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Thread: Need to uninstall ICY and/or ROCK

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    Default Need to uninstall ICY and/or ROCK
    I used blackra1n to JB my 3gs on Sunday. I need to know how to uninstall ICY from my phone to get my winterboard to work properly. I am also having issues with the backgrounder to work also and I believe it has something to do with ICY being installed.

    I tried to use the CYDelete but there is no icon and also when I try to hold the icon to delete the app there are no red 'x' on top of ICY.

    Is there a way to uninstall ICY without having to restore my iphone? If I have to restore my iphone will I be forced to upgrade to version 3.1.2. I don't want to upgrade to 3.1.2 and want to keep my existing baseband of 5.11.07.

    Thanks in advanced to all who reply back to this.

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    CyDelete has no icon. You access it through Settings -> CyDelete. Once in the settings for it, just make it so Icy isn't protected from CyDelete. Then you should be able to just delete it from the springboard like any other app (I think, I've never installed Icy, so I'm not positive)

    Quote Originally Posted by gchino View Post
    I don't want to upgrade to 3.1.2 and want to keep my existing baseband of 5.11.07.
    Um, the baseband is the same in 3.1.2
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    Where is the settings for CyDelete? I looked at the settings for my phone and also the setttings in Cydia. I do not see that option you were referring to.

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    right there.


    Forgot to edit the pic first

    *Edit 2*
    here is the toggle I referred to

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    See I dont have that option when I went into settings. I wonder if the reason for me not being able to see that option because I installed Cydia, ICY and Rock.

    Anyways I have just managed to uninstall ICY by reinstalling ICY through Cydia. I then went into the managed in Cydia and uninstalled ICY.

    Now when I installed winterboard from Cydia nothing happens.

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    Smile Wow i had the same problem today! but i figured it out
    If you havent already figured it out how to delete Icy then this will definately help. L00i3 was right, you need to use cydelete and its pretty simple. You just have to download it from cydia. You can easily find in by searching for it in cydia. Once downloaded, go under settings and then scroll down until you see cydelete. go in there and change "non-cydia deletion" setting to "on". Then just delete Icy by press and hold function, when the x appears over Icy-just delete it. I recemend reinstalling Cydia afterwards.

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    Yes works 100% Cydelete is awesome
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    if all three were installed you need to start over. restore phone, install blackrain then install cydia and rock, not icy.

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    hey there, i downloaded snes4iphone and it also downloaded rock. i only use cydia and would like to unistall rock. im a little nervous since i read online people had to restore after deleting rock. i have a 3gs 3.1.2. am i correct that all i have to do is open rock, go to manage, scroll down and select rock, then press uninstall? it seems easy enough but per the forums i read maybe it isnt. thanks!!

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    I imagine it installed rock cuz rock is a dependency for that app. I would just leave it. If you don't want to see it on your springboard, just install SBSettings, and use it to hide the rock icon.

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    yeah your right.....i have sbssettings so thats what i will do... hopfully (per what i read) rock will not effect cydia or cydia apps.

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    I have had rock installed on my phone alongside cydia ever since blackra1n first came out. It has caused me no issues whatsoever, and I can use either/or to update apps originally downloaded from cydia. I personally choose to use cydia, but I see no reason to get rid of rock either.

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