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Thread: Restore / backup contacts, notes, mail, apps after jailbreak?

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    Default Restore / backup contacts, notes, mail, apps after jailbreak?

    I read that doing a full restore from iTunes after blackra1n jailbreak doesn't work well and does a factory restore (not jailbreaked then).

    Is there any way to save / restore / backup iPhone contacts, mail acounts info, notes after jailbreaking (with blackra1n in my case but my question is also for all jailbreaks)? Same question with apps? Or do we have to write down all contacts and stuff somewhere else and enter them manually afterward? :/

    Thank you.

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    Been answered x1,0000 of times


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    To be fair it's been asked x 10000 yes.

    I did search restore contacts, backup contacts, restore after jailbreak, etc. and read tons of threads, the only answers are: don't use the iTunes restore (great..) or copy your /User/Library files with SSH. The fun part is that I need to be jailbreaked to be able to use SSH, but wait if I jailbreak I loose everything, ..

    I found an AddressBook-v22.abcddb on my mac in /Users/myuser/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/. It's not really readable but it contains all my contacts. I searched for other stuff that could have been copied in the mac but didn't find anything, maybe it's all packed in a binary file by iTunes.

    So I'll ask again: is there a way to backup, jailbreak, then restore contacts, sms, notes, preferences, safari stuff, an app list, with a 3.1.2 jailbreak on a NEVER jailbreaked iPhone?


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    I just jailbroke for the first time yesterday, so I think I know where you are coming from.

    Blackra1n should not affect your music, contacts, apps, etc. They will still be there, on your phone, untouched. You will not need to "restore" any data simply because you jailbroke. After jailbreaking, you can continue to sync your data with iTunes as before. However, I believe (correct me if I'm wrong), a full "restore" via iTunes would break the jailbreak.

    In the event a "restore" was necessary, you would simply restore the iphone to (1) get it up and running again and to (2) install your contacts, apps, music, etc back on your iPhone. After restoring, you would then run Blackra1n again to re-jailbreak.

    You may be confusing "restoring" the iPhone via iTunes (something bad happened, and you're trying to get it running again), and simply syncing your iPhone with iTunes to keep everything up to date. They are two completely different unrelated processes.
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