hey i got a question maybe u could help.

so what i need is:
1.how to restore iphone to latest firmware without sim card? (i only have tmobile sim)
2.how to find out which firmware i have?

current phone status:
recovery mode. unknown firmware.

the story:

so i have a 2G iphone.

i've had this iphone with 1.1.4. and unlocked with t-mobile sim card for a long time.

but then i decided to upgrade to newest firmware which was in summer 2009 but i can't remember which firmware it was. and like an idiot i restored it but i forgot that it will get stuck in restore mode because it needs to be activated. now its restored but i don't know with which firmware....

so thinking it had 3.0 firmware, i used redsnow to jailbreak and unlock it. but it does not work. it gets stuck on the "Downloading Jailbreak Data" for 10 mins and then it reboots but ends up in recovery mode needing activation from itunes. so i discovered that a solution could be to restore this iphone with official 3.0 firmware. but i can't do that because itunes doesn't let me restore it says that it needs to have a sim card. and when i use my sim car it says that it has an unsupported sim card. and when i put in the old att sim card it just asks me for my personal information to activate it.