hey everybody, a bit of a problem here

I have an iPhone which happens to have slipped and dropped and as a result the power/sleep button stopped working. Thing is it didn't feel broken. In fact its still pushing in and back up everytime I press it, so I was pretty sure it wasn't broken. So in hope of fixing it I restored the iPhone only to find out that the button is in fact really broken. I found out afterwards that i could have used an app from cydia to replace the sleep button function. Only problem now is that the iPhone is no longer jailbroken and to jailbreak it I need to put in in DFU mode and use the now broken Sleep button to do that.

In short I need a way to put the iPhone in DFU mode without using the Power/Sleep button. That or a way to have it jailbroken without using the DFU mode. It's running on 3.1 atm btw.

All advice will be appreciated and thanks a lot