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Thread: 3.0.1 JB. Should I Upgrade?

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    Default 3.0.1 JB. Should I Upgrade?
    I have 2 phones:
    3GS 3.0.1 JB (Not Unlocked)
    3G 3.0.1 JB (Not Unlocked)
    MAC OSX 10.5.7
    XCode 3.1.3

    I rely on my JB for several reasons. The 2 biggest are the use of Cydia apps such as Categories and to install personally developed apps directly to the device(s).

    I've been doing a lot of research on the downgrade process and I only have a 3.1 SHSH on file with Cydia (as well as saved locally via Umbrella). My "Firmware" folder is incomplete so I am unable to recreate a 3.0 SHSH file. This was caused by me downloading Pwnage 3.1.3 and building a firmware without knowing those files were there or going into DFU to get my ECID (not sure which). As a result some of the files got updated with the 3.1 signature and removing the 3.0X dmg.

    Both phones are working great. I would like to take advantage of some of the new features in 3.1 as well as some apps now require it. I'm curious to know what is the best thing to do? Should I leave as is because it's fine or try and upgrade via Pwnage tool 3.1.3? My concern(s) are that if it bombs I may be forced to go "stock" and lose everything I have. The flip side of that is "geohot" may be able to rescue 3.1 firmware's. The other downside is the fact that waiting may negatively impact based on Apple's new 3GS signing process.

    I personally don't care about unlocking as I am on an authorized carrier but if I ever sell, it may be of use to the future owner.

    So what should I do, update or wait?

    Thanks for your time and input!

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    well wait for what? at this point if you phone ever screws up you HAVE TO goto 3.1

    may as well use Pwnage tool 3.1.3 and upgrade then enjoy the benefits of newer apps.

    no point waiting IMO, as 3.1.2 (or is it 3.2 is out already

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